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Episode 349: Not Kind Enough/Being Used

July 6th, 2018

Man... people like to complicate things.


Episode 348: Distant Bailout/Escort Off The Premises

July 5th, 2018

Some answers are obvious, even if you don't like them.


Episode 347: I’m Just Too Good/Not Who I Wanted You To Be

July 4th, 2018

It's not possible to please everyone, so you don't really need to try.


Episode 346: Cruise Director/Awful Parent

July 3rd, 2018

Make plans, the universe laughs.


Episode 345: Toxic Mom/Vegetarian Split

July 2nd, 2018

The nuclear option should not be your first move. 


Episode 343: All The Cheating/Unequal Waaahhhhh!

June 27th, 2018

If your actions require levels of rationalizations... you're problably not going to listen to advice anyway, and... relationships aren't competitions. Stop keeping score.


Episode 342: Sushi Dump/Sushi and Sympathy

June 26th, 2018

Hey... it's two questions that are somehow connected to sushi. Suh cuuute.


Episode 341: Honestly, I Just Want To Bad Mouth A Fatty/The Money’s On The Dresser, Chocolate

June 25th, 2018

The only thing worse than a humble-brag is a, Insult-aquitte question. You know, where someone pretends to care about etiquitte just so they can badmouth someone in a way they would never be able to in any other circumstances.


Episode 340: Abusive Disclosure/Not Hiding, But Not Fighting

June 22nd, 2018

Not everything has to be a fight.


Episode 339: AA Exit/Bizarre Priorities

June 21st, 2018

Not everybody's point of view is correct or even valid.


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